Byotrol in business

Byotrol is already helping a number of businesses achieve and maintain the highest level of hygiene. Byotrol can be incorporated into a vast number of products to deliver broad spectrum, long-lasting antimicrobial performance on both hard surfaces and skin through a range of different product offerings.

Byotrol is effective on all surfaces and can be formulated in many different forms and formulations which means it is applicable to a wide number of  industries and is already having impact all over the world.


Food Manufacturing
Office environments
Food Service
Travel and Leisure


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On the Go Food Factory- Quat Free Sanitiser

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Measuring Long Lasting Antimicrobial Efficacy - PAS2424

Byotrol in the food and beverage industries

Byotrol brings the hygiene revolution to the Food and Beverage industry and has been approved for use by Marks and Spencer.

Byotrol's product range offers broad spectrum, long-lasting microbial control against all microbes including Listeria, Legionella, E.coli, Salmonella, S aureus and campylobacter. The product range has been specifically formulated to tackle the hygiene issues involved in today's complex commercial food environments.

Byotrol can be used across the entire factory as it is alcohol free and non flammable it can remove the number of hygiene chemicals required on site.

It can offer cost efficiencies and improve profitability as it makes surfaces easier to clean and uses less detergent and water which delivers ‘Holistic Total Hygiene Control’. It is suitable for use across surfaces including stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised or chrome finishes, rubber and plastics also importantly it is kinder to your skin than alcohol based hand sanitisers.