For pets

We all want the best for our pets and families, however, pets, like any animal, can bring germs into our homes. Good hygiene for pet owners means not only keeping your home protected from germs, but also keeping your pet’s coat groomed and healthy. Byotrol’s technology protects your family, pets and home.
Healthy pets make happy pets. Protect your pets and home from harmful germs and embarrassing odour with products powered by Byotrol.

Hygiene with pets in mind

Pets give us many wonderful benefits; however they can also bring into the home unique germs, such as Canine Distemper, Kennel Cough and Parvo Virus, not to mention, stains and lasting smells from little accidents. Byotrol-based pet hygiene products work fast against a wide range of everyday and pet-specific bacteria and viruses, protect for hours and offer long-lasting protection from odour by managing the bacteria not merely masking the odour.

Odour busting grooming products

Regular grooming is a vital part of responsible pet ownership and many of us love to pamper our furry friends. Just like us, pets require grooming to help them look and feel at their best. By using products powered by Byotrol which are specially formulated for your pet, you can be sure that you’re giving them the best care.