Global leader chooses Byotrol for consumer products development contract

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  • Global leader chooses Byotrol for consumer products development contract

    Byotrol plc (‘Byotrol’), the developer of anti microbial hygiene technologies, is
    pleased to announce that it has agreed a significant joint development contract
    between a Fortune 150 company (the ‘Partner’) and its 50% owned subsidiary Byotrol Consumer Products Ltd (‘BCP’). The goal of this agreement is to develop a range of products containing Byotrol’s unique technology for global consumer markets.

    Under the 9 month contract, BCP will receive between US$500,000 and
    US$1,000,000 in upfront, milestone-based payments, and offsets. The agreement entitles the Partner to exclusivities in certain global consumer markets and product forms, whilst providing funding for BCP’s product development activities. Both parties will commit technical, testing, market insight and customer testing resources to the project.

    On 21 December 2009 it was first announced that the two companies had entered into an option agreement, and in the intervening period they have been working jointly to evaluate the technology.

    This contract is complementary to other development and distribution contracts
    recently announced by Byotrol, including the Robert McBride Group, P Z Cussons, and Tommee Tippee with Mayborn.

    This contract is a landmark deal for the business both in terms of its commercial potential and the collaborative nature of the joint development agreement.

    Our strategy recognises that the full potential for Byotrol will be best achieved by working closely in partnership with leading companies and this agreement is an important step towards bringing Byotrol to consumers globally.

    I am very pleased to add that negotiations in reaching this agreement have been extremely positive; our partners in this have made a significant commitment of capital, management time and resource in developing Byotrol based products under their brand label. This demonstrates considerable faith in Byotrol and its technology by a successful multinational corporation and is a further endorsement of the potential for Byotrol.

    Gary Millar, CEO of Byotrol

    Byotrol plc
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