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Byotrol products

Byotrol technology enables everyday consumer branded products to deliver groundbreaking performance in the field of hygiene bringing new standards in household cleaning and personal care products.

Byotrol is now being introduced into a wide range of consumer products in partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands.

Byotrol powered products are now starting to appear in major retailer’s stores across the globe and these products offer new and superior claims that current hygiene products are not yet able to match. When you see the Byotrol logo on a product you can be sure of superior performance, care and protection.

Byotrol for you

We all know that great hygiene reduces our exposure to germs that can cause illness and disease, particularly keeping our hands clean and sanitised. But germs are responsible for many other skin concerns. From hand hygiene to foot odour control, Byotrol is powering products that control germs on your skin.

Byotrol in the home

Keeping surfaces clean at home can become a never-ending worry, from worrying if you’re cleaning often enough to worrying if the products you buy are suitable to have around your family and pets. Byotrol has the perfomance of current products with the addeded benefit of long lasting bacteria protection which means that you don’t need to worry.