Hand Sanitiser partnership between Byotrol and the University of Chester

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  • Hand Sanitiser partnership between Byotrol and the University of Chester

    Hand Sanitiser partnership between Byotrol and the University of Chester

    Byotrol are delighted to announce that they have agreed a partnership with the University of Chester to extend their hand sanitiser testing capabilities at Thornton Science Park facility. The partnership will support the development and testing of antimicrobial products which are required to pass the EN European standard tests, and will lead to students from the University assisting Byotrol with the protocol.

    The use of hand sanitizers as part of a daily routine in health care, janitorial and consumer scenarios considerably reduces the occurrence and transmission of diseases both in the developed and the developing world. The World Health Organization actively promotes the use of such products and see it as one of the most accessible forms of reducing mortality rates arising from poor hygienic conditions in the developing world. Also it was reported in 2012 that MRSA related infections were the underlying factor in 9000 deaths in the UK, and it is estimated that 300,000 patients a year in England are affected by a health care associated infection with an annual cost of £1bn to the NHS.

    Improving and optimising activity

    Byotrol currently market hand sanitiser products in Europe, USA and Japan and have only recently submitted a new patent application in this sector. The ongoing changes in regulations in Europe (Biocidal Product Regulation), together with the expansion of Byotrol’s portfolio of new formats in other parts of the world, leads to a constant pipeline of product reformulation which requires complementary laboratory antimicrobial testing on a daily basis. This partnership will enable Byotrol to improve and optimise this activity whilst introducing students to the rigours of commercialising antimicrobial products.

    The partnership between Byotrol and the University of Chester will continue the development of new scientific research and innovation at Thornton Science Park which has a unique blend of industry, innovation and academia making it an ideal location for a developing company like Byotrol.

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    • Good to get news and good news at that, Helpful insights, too. Smart, economic use of resources to the benefit of all. Big win for students studying in the real world. Low cost & high speed for Byotrol – edge over those larger competitors, for sure.


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