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A revolutionary technology

Killing germs and other microbes is easy. Doing it combined with persistence has never been done before; this is what makes Byotrol unique. Byotrol delivers long-lasting antimicrobial protection. The technology can be adapted for use in multiple products from hand sanitisers to surface cleaners and even to clean the toilet bowl, adaptable for use in the home and in industry.

  • A unique, serially-patented anti-microbial brand and technology

  • Broad spectrum anti-microbial efficacy (Bacteria, Virus, Fungi)

  • Immediate microbial kill (including H1N1)

  • Long-lasting antimicrobial protection on skin and surfaces

Byotrol outperforms bleach by over 33% when tackling hospital superbug MRSA


MRI disinfectant study data - number of sites with TVC>100 sampled over 2 wards per agent tested over 47 weeks.

One benefit is Byotrol displays residual anti-bacterial activity for more than a day after its application to inanimate surfaces unlike bleach

Professor Curtis Gemmell,
Professor of Bacterial Infection, St. Andrews University

Structuring biocidal components

Byotrol’s unique technology benefits are primarily due to the ordering and structuring of the individual biocide components within collodial suspensions. This structure differs from that of biocides in simple solutions and leads to an optimisation of the performance of biocides in both wet and dry conditions. In liquid suspension, the multi-molecular nature of the structure creates a concentrated biocidal dose on single contact for planktonic microbes.

On drying, the structure forms a surface of uniform distribution nodes of biocides with overlapping zones of inhibition. Due to the large molecule elements that form part of this structure, the biocide components are held in situ in a stable state, giving excellent residual efficacy after drying.

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