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Results that speak for themselves

Our technologies are truly unique in that they all deliver a residual performance, made possible through our unique understanding of biocides in combination with macromolecules.

Our expertise is in identifying macromolecules, which when combined with biocides extend the biocidal action.

In formulation, the action of the biocide is unchanged. Quaternary Ammonium Compound (QAC) in formulation, for example, continue to act against pathogens by solubilising the cell membrane, resulting in cell lysis and death.

The unique characteristics of this synergistic combination are:

  • The liquid in its dried state is retained on the surface

  • The dried down state adheres to the surface and protects the biocides from abrasion

  • This state continues to deliver biocidal action at point of challenge for specific time periods

Byotrol up close - a comparison


This AFM micrograph shows the distribution of Byotrol on a surface.
Note how it creates an incredibly hostile environment for all microbes. When it dries, it keeps this structure.


In partnership

Byotrol plc offers superior product performance through an incremental ingredient brand equity based on IP that is protected with a series of granted and applied-for patents. We have an ongoing R&D programme working with specialist chemical companies, academia and in joint development agreements with global partners.

We offer our partners:

  • Unique technical IP

  • Exclusive long-term supply & licensing relationships

  • Superior, validated claims platforms

  • A track record of consumer & industry-specific delivery

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