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In the food, agriculture and healthcare industries there was an obvious and very significant need for appreciably improved antimicrobial performance. In the home, to protect families and pets, the need was just as great.

Byotrol technology was invented in the late 1990’s to help a bakery improve their microbe control. The results were exceptional and so started a rigorous process to ensure that the technology was tested, proven and developed to bring this same solution to any business or consumer hygiene need or concern.

It’s not every day you discover a technology that could change the life of every person on the planet.

Stephen Falder, Inventor of Byotrol technology

Alternative Investment Market (AIM) Listed

aim-london-stock-exchangeOn the 7th July 2005, Byotrol plc was listed on the AIM, a sub-market of the London Stock Exchange, to bring its technology to the market and further develop the technology for multiple professional and consumer uses.

Over the course of the last decade, Byotrol plc has seen many notable successes

  • Byotrol technology gaining M&S terminal disinfectant approval status and the technology subsequently adopted across M&S store estate

  • Global patents granted for Byotrol technology

  • Byotrol technology becoming renowned in the food manufacturing industry for superior Listeria control

  • Becoming the partner of choice for 3 of the top brands in the UK Petcare market

  • Entering into a joint venture with WhatIf! Innovation to access global consumer markets

The joint venture Byotrol Consumer Products (BCP) delivered Byotrol technology in brands such as Tesco, Boots, Tommee Tippee, Morning Fresh (PZ Cussons) and Karrimor before starting the development process for new technologies in relationships with specialist chemical partners. Products powered by Byotrol technology continue to be on sale for consumers and extensively used in industry across the globe.

Post Acquisition

Since the acquisition of BCP, the new management team under the leadership of David Traynor and Dr. Trevor Francis have focused the business on four key target markets

  • Food manufacturing

  • Food service

  • Healthcare

  • Consumer, including Petcare

New Product Development

Development work has also continued apace to bring bespoke solutions to these markets, such as Actizone, Sanitiser+ and QFS Sanitiser+, manage the significant regulatory changes impacting the European biocidal industry with the oncoming BPR and the recent legislative changes – CLP and MRLs – whilst still filing and being granted new patents.

As Byotrol plc enters its second decade, though our focus changes from a single to a multi-technology business, we continue to deliver easier, cleaner, safer lives for everyone.

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